Best Tips from a Sydney Plastering Company

Plastering may look like an easy job, but the truth is that it’s a specialised one. The one way to ensure that the final product is excellent in every possible way is to opt for the services of a company like John Glen Plastering that will provide you excellent services. Here are some tips from experts who have seen it all:

  • Experience– Look for a licensed plasterer who has been operating in this space for a number of years. To a certain degree this assures you that you have a skilled person handling the job
  • Reputation– This is an important factor and you should be checking the reviews of the company that you are planning on hiring. If there is anything negative about a certain company, it won’t be difficult to find it on the Internet
  • License– The contractor you hire for the job, should have a license that has been issued under the 1989 Home Building Act. Before you hire the person, ask him to show you his contractor’s license
  • Workmanship Guarantee– This is very important too. Only a vetted and credible contractor will guarantee his work and will ensure that his work is completed as per the contractor license.
  • Don’t hire a handyman for this job– It’s not uncommon for us to receive requests from customers who need some plastering work “fixed”. This typically happens because they had originally got the work done from a handyman; these professionals are good at certain tasks, but they don’t have the knowhow, skill and expertise to handle plastering jobs in an expert manner.

In most instances, they leave behind a shoddy mess that then has to be fixed by plastering professionals like us. Though we would be more than happy to do the job, you eventually end up spending far more than you should have in the first place. Make the right choice at the outset and hire skilled and trained professionals for the job.

  • Cost- Check what his pricing is, and compare it with the quotes that some other plasterers give you. Keep in mind that the one who provides the lowest rates may not necessarily be the best one. A contractor who provides you with the lowest quote, may also end up cutting corners in the job.
  • Accept the quote after perusing it well- Once you have approved the quote and you know that the contractor has understood exactly what work has to be done and that he is able to meet all your requirements, tell him to give you a time frame for completion of the job. Book him for the job well in advance, once you have made up your mind.

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