How Much Should a Plasterer Charge and Why (Part 2)

Plasterer Working On Interior Wall

The Saying Goes – Each Man to His Own Trade.

It looks like an easy job. Perhaps one that anyone could build by going into the Hardware shop and purchase a few sheets.  But what is the next step?


Look for an experienced licensed Plasterer who will give you a competitive price and guarantees his work for a clean finished job that will not rot and fall down in a hurry.


Does the Contractor have a License, Issued Under Home Building Act 1989.

Ask to view a Contractors License. You need assurance that the Tradie is qualified and currently covered by Licensing laws. No one in business can afford to work for peanuts!  Quotes from a Plasterer should be looked at with respect to know that when you accept this quote the workmanship will be guaranteed and be compliant according to the Contractor License, Issued Under Home Building Act 1989.


Still Questioning Could a Handyman do the Job?

The Handyman will not have specific tools in his possession to do a professional Plasterers work.. Often a skilled Plasterer is called out to redo jobs that have been done by the “cheapest” quote.  Possibly from a Handyman or other workman who leaves an unguaranteed, shoddy mess for the aghast owner to fix up, often costing the owner twice as much than if he had paid a professional to do the work in the first place. Remember that each tool of trade can be quite expensive and necessary to get a professional finish so a Handyman may not be the best person you select to quote a job.


Is the Lowest Price Too Risky or Best for My Job?

When too much pressure is placed on a Tradesperson to lower prices, it is worrying. What area of the job would are they to leave out for you to get a cheaper quote? Can you realistically afford to get your work done cheaply and take the risk of having it redone in short while because it was the lowest price?


Accepting a Fair Quote after Due Diligence.

If you are happy with the price and you know the job has been understood and the quote will fulfill all your requirements, then it is time for you to award the opportunity of completing your plastering work to the best Plasterer. Get in touch with the Plasterer by text or phone call or email and book your job in as they are busy people.


It is imperative for the survival of our well qualified Australian Tradesperson to be given first consideration for their skills and labour in order to get your job done with integrity and honesty, which is most important.