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Strata Insurance is an industry within an industry more so today rather than any other time!

Let me say a few words about this:

The Apartment industry at the moment, in regard to quality, is a dismal. I have heard stories of Developers leaving millions with Strata to fix up any future problems. This amount of money is still not enough! $ $ $’s that is what it is about! Because of this attitude, pipes are bursting, kitchens are not squared – you can see the joints in the plaster; ceilings are not level. You get the picture!

This when good Trades people are called in to make good.

Regarding when someone has a claim against their policy because of fire, pipes bursting, car running into their house. At John Glen Plastering, we have done this type of work for many years with Builders who are versed, trained and morally solid to do the right thing. Working for these Builders, who they themselves know that their work can be checked by Insurance companies, Forensic Scientists, to make sure that the appropriate materials and techniques are being used.

Did you know?

When the timber has black soot from a fire, but it not structurally damaged, it should be painted with a material that encompasses the smell of smoked wood or second hand smoke.

TIP:  John Glen from John Glen Plastering who holds a Gold class licence says:

“The next time you use a Tradesman for one of these jobs, ask to see his Licence not the Builders Licence, but of the Tradesperson.”

Pressure is brought to bear from all sides to get the work done. The Insurance Company must look after their client; they then engage a Builder to carry out the work. It is a cutthroat industry hence at times shabby. Being a Licensed tradesman, it is encumbered upon you to guarantee your work. Insurance/Strata work is a whole different ball game than new work.  It takes years of actually doing this work to know it and even then every job is different. John Glen from John Glen Plastering says he cannot over emphasise this point.

So what can the consumer do?

Make sure Trades people hold a current Licence and check with the relevant Authorities for all Trades.

John Glen says “It comes back to relationships, competency and trust.”