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How Much Should a Plasterer Charge and Why (Part 1)



Often people seeking quotes think that a Tradesperson, (who has done his apprenticeship to get a Trade Certificate,) should charge peanuts. This is a myth of course as they have competitive guidelines when operating out of Sydney NSW or any other State.  For instance, a Master Craftsman or experienced Gyprock/Plasterer currently charges around $40-$55 per hour for his work.  This price may vary, be too low for some states, or too high for other States, however, it may be that Gyprock Plasterer must increase the quote, charge a bit more depending on a number of factors.


What You Should Consider Prior to Requesting to Quote a Job.

How big is the job. Is one man able to do the job on his own? Does the job require an Assistant to help the Tradesperson or does he require a full team of professionals? You have to consider whether the Plasterer has a team or does he work solo?  Will the Contractor have the skills required to do your job and does he carry a current license. Does the Plasterer have full insurances, including public liability, workplace cover?  All this needs to be taken into account before a Plasterer who will confidentially quote your job accurately.


Question is whether this is a fair price and why?

In typical day a Plaster would wake up at around 4.30 am to travel to pick up materials from the Hardware and makes his way to the “new” work site. Commencing manual work at 7am is usual so is taking a half hour lunch break, he then goes on to finish work on site at 3.00. However, his work is not finished yet! Firstly his banking must be done before 4pm, paperwork, emails, phone calls must be returned and a plan for the next day set before he has time to relax.


How can a Plasterer price a job?

A Tradie will price his job fairly.  He has been taught to take into consideration what type of work needs to be done – he could physically inspect the job before the quote is given or get an image sent by mobile device. Or  be sent job specifications by email. The quote would also depend on whether it is just a hole in the wall, a full renovation, an insurance damage job, a restoration, or new work requiring to be quoted.  Specifications by fax or email will state what kind of material is required and what the actual job involves so the Plasterer can email a quote back to the client.


What does it take a Qualified Plaster to Quote a Job?

When working out a quote, a Gyprock Plasterer must also take into consideration access to the building/site, is it up a few flights of stairs, what sort of access for the materials to be carted to the site, whether it requires scaffolding, For instance in a residential situation if a damaged ceiling needs replacing, are the electrical wiring safe to pull the ceiling down? Is there vehicle access and what related costs for parking availability, road toll fees, whether trade waste bins are required, removal and tip fee costs, materials and delivery of material costs. Besides, other incidentals, the Craftsman will invest in special trade tools required for the professional finish. People asking for quotes don’t realise that a qualified Plasterer will have other business necessary expenses to taken into consideration such as complying with Company taxation, GST, licensing fees, superannuation requirements and so forth before he can make a profit.

How to Plaster Your Walls in 4 Simple Stages


When a plastered wall has left an ugly hole in your lounge room because your picture has fallen off, you can easily get it fixed by a using the services of a qualified, Certified Tradesmen – Electrician and Plasterer/Gyprocker, especially if there is live electrical wiring exposed. If there is no danger and it is a matter of a simple gaping hole, then you can learn to Do It Yourself (DIY) and you should use a Residential Installation Guide as reference.




If your walls often crack, dent or get knocked, learning how to repair the plaster is an easy DIY process and here’s how:


Stage I:

Plastering material requirements:

  • Plasterer Trowel
  • Plaster filler
  • Paintbrush
  • Sandpaper (use the fine one)
  • A small chisel
  • Hammer
  • Piece of Timber
  • Gyprock
  • Screws
  • Screw Driver


Stage 2:

Preparation of the damage
Knock away any loose bits of plaster in the hole with the hammer and chisel.

Then sweep off the debris and dust the hole with the paintbrush.
Get some timber, screw the timber to the inside of wall, on both sides of the hole cut your new piece of Gyprock to fit the hole and screw the Gyprock to the new timber.


Stage 3:

Plaster the damaged hole
Use the trowel to spread the filler over the Gyprock evenly over the surface with the edge of a trowel to create a gripping surface. Leave it to completely dry, the manufacturers instruction on your filler packet will give you an indication of how long this will take. Only then should you apply the second filler layer and smooth it over so it’s flush with the wall.


Stage 4:

Smoothen out the surface
You should wait for the plaster to harden and dried then smooth over the plaster with fine sandpaper so it is flush with the wall.


If your work is not done properly it can cause problems later, so if you decide to hire a Contractor to do this work ensure they are licensed and fully insured.

The Gyprock Plastering services of www.bestsydneyplasterer.com.au is very reliable and trustworthy.

The Reliable Gyprock Plasterer Australia

86607 imgAre you having a hard time trying to make your home look good? Have been disappointed before? Are you just moving to a new home and wonder what to do about the plaster? Have you suffered cracks and shock because of a drywall? Well, don’t worry anymore because the reliable gyprock plasterer Australia will sort out all your problems. He will take care of any ugly holes, falling cornice and a falling ceiling. This plasterer has been in this industry for more than 38 years, hence is coupled with the experience and knowledge required to give you the best plastering solution for your home or office.

Many of our clients complain about the cracks registered in the old drywall plastering. Well, this method was invented in the 1950s but has been overtaken by other methods that address its disadvantages. These include the gyprock plaster which is the best available solution currently. It is also referred to as to sheetrock, plasterboard, gypsum board or wallboard.

A Variety of Plastering Services

The reliable gyprock plasterer should be able to offer a great portfolio of plastering services to his/her clients. Different houses and structures with different techniques which the plasterer needs to understand in order for them to integrate the plaster properly. He should have a perfect knowledge of vital plastering techniques such as internal, external, skimming and floating plasters among others. Therefore, the best plasterer Australia needs to offer a variety of services that go hand in hand with the building type. These include suspended ceilings, strata and insurance, residential gyprocking, vermiculite ceilings, fibrous plaster cornices, performing regular maintenance and repairs, commercial and office fit-outs as well as any small to medium size jobs with regard to the requirements of clients.

Accreditation and Licensing

Every industry has some predetermined standards that need to be met with regard to provision of products and or services. Plastering has not been left out of regulation because it is very essential. The reliable plasterer Australia should be licensed and fully accredited by the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries Australia and New Zealand. This organization trains its members, issues a code of practice and checks out for the latest updates related to plastering legislation. It is the voice of clients and service providers. In case of improper services then you can blow a whistle by contacting this body.

Professionalism and Experience

Unlike simple works of art like refining or weaving a fabric, gyprock plastering is not a matter of trial and error but an activity that needs the highest degree of skill. The reliable gyprock plasterer Australia therefore needs to exhibit a lot of professionalism coupled with several years of experience in practice. In case there are other services such as electrical lining or plumbing that need to be done and the plasterer doesn’t have such knowledge, he should be able to professionally subcontract such services from licensed experts thus delivering a high quality job.

John Glen Plastering meets all these qualities. Therefore, contact the reliable Gyprock contractor Australia today for the best plastering services!

Warning! Must Do Plastering Tips For Home Renovators

dreamstime_5648995Do you intend to plaster your new home? Do you want to repair a mess from the previous plaster? Was your roof damaged by the storm? Do you want a new touch of elegance and brilliance with regard to your new plaster finish? Well, you are at the right place because we want to give you great plastering tips to help improve the shape of your Reno.

Repairing Cracks in a Plaster

One client testified that she patched the hole in her roof’s plaster with salt before scraping between the coats. It’s unfortunate that the plaster didn’t last long. All she needed to include to make the whole difference was a mix of the cornice adhesive. It is very simple. If the holes are large, up to 450mm then cut a piece of the plasterboard which is larger than the hole. Infill it with cornice adhesive and hold the plasterboard over the hole. Trim the hole size so that it matches the infill so that you can obtain a perfect fit every time. Screw the cleats diagonally over every corner and then screw the infill panel to these cleats. Finally, tape up the repair and complete the job.

Installing Cornice

When professional are involved in the plastering jobs, they and can do for you all the work. But just in case you want to do it on your own, here’s a tip to show you how to cut and install cornice carefully without any wastes. First you need to find a very unique place on the pattern and mark a reasonable line square on the cornice. Measure the point you want to cut for the first miter from the back and repeat this process on the other side as well. Cut the MITRE to the standard dimension and then match it to the existing mitre which occurs when the cornice has been cut to length.

Using Plastering Tapes

Improper use of plastering tapes may mean a disaster rather than the intended success to the whole process of plastering. At JPG we will show you how to plaster using the flexi paper tape, the wet and stick paper and the self-adhesive fibre glass tape. However, we’ll show you how to cut it in general.

It is advisable to cut the plasterboard tapes to the required length always without going round the corners. Use joint knife, 8 inches, to scrape off any excess material in the join. Don’t leave the base coat to dry before scraping it back because the whole process will become very difficult. You should never over fill the plasterboard recessed join on its first taping coat. You should always tape the plasterboard joins before you can fill the external corners. Always keep the tape off from the edges of external angles and check for nay bubbles in the paper tape before repairing the very first coat of paint.


As a weekend warrior and your home reno is coming along well, now your plan is to get the plastering done. Wondering where to start?

Here are 5 must do tips to get you started.

  1. When you are mixing up the water make sure the water and the bucket are clean;
  2. Keep your tools clean;
  3. Use a sharp blade in your knife;
  4. When sanding it is important to wear a mask;
  5. Make sure all your electrical tools have been tagged by a licensed electrician;

Are you stuck?

Contact Professional Help

To some people, plastering may turn out to be a passion. However, you don’t have to bother yourself if you don’t like it or you are too busy. Just contact John Glen Plastering, best Sydney plasterer, and we’ll complete your job with a professional finish!





The Best Sydney Plastering Contractor Australia

It is important for your house or office to look good so that it appreciates in value. But the process of improvement can proof to be a nightmare if you don’t access the recommended services of the best Sydney plastering contractor Australia. The contractor needs to have a massive wealth of experience and knowledge in several types of plastering including internal plastering, plaster stabbing, external plastering, spray plastering, metal studding, dry lining, screening, floating and skimming among others.

These are some of the things to check out for in the best plastering contractor Australia:

Plastering services

The best contractor needs to have a wide range of plastering services. In case there is a new method out there, the contractor should be quick to discover and adopt it. The contractor’s services should not be limited to providing plastering materials only but the plastering service itself on your roof. Some of the services include but are not limited to suspended ceilings, residential plastering, vermiculite ceilings, performing maintenance services and repairs, installing fibrous plaster cornice, plastering commercial and small fit-outs and handling small to medium size plastering jobs.

Insurance Cover

Some plasterers don’t assure you of any insurance cover with regard to plastering services and repairs. A good plasterer should work with suppliers who are duly insured in case of an injury, you don’t bear the cost. The contractor should carry his own insurance for workmanship, public liability and plastering materials while on transit so that you don’t suffer loss in case of damage, an accident or pilferage.

Accredited Professionals

You should only contract the services of an accredited professional with a proven track record. I receive calls from people confessing how they were duped into using the services of a contractor who woke up from the blues and started plastering without learning and observing the rules of the game. JGP one of the best Sydney plasterer Contractors has been in business for more than 38 years, providing the best plastering services in Sydney. John says “We work with licensed partners including the most qualified electricians to mitigate risks and do a high quality job that guarantees the customer 100 percent satisfaction.”


Most clients report that they gain access to good plastering services that don’t last long. It is possible to fall into the trap of a contractor who wants to break your bank by charging you the same amount for a service, which lasts 5 years when it should have lasted more than 20 years. “At JGP, we prescribe materials and offer plastering services that meet the long-term needs of our clients. We understand that our core business is not only to plaster but concentrate on business that leads to customer satisfaction. Therefore we offer durable and long lasting fire-resistant and other services that meet all the requirements of our clients.”

Ethical Business Practices

JGP is a well-established plastering services provider, which operates on core values and encompasses the standard ethical business practices in Australia. “We charge you after you’ve been satisfied with our completed work. If there is a requirement we can’t meet we also tell you honestly, because we want nothing but the best for you.”

Contact John Glen Plastering now for the best plastering services in Australia!

Best Plastering Services Australia

The Best Plastering Services Australia

The quality of plastering in your household can make a huge difference in your quality of life. The demand for plastering services in Australia is on a persistent increase with the changing fashions and designs renovations are in progress. Plastering requires the highest degree of skill and the best plastering materials. Have you regretted shortly after plastering your home? Have visitors told you that you could have done better? Well, harbour no worries anymore because the best Sydney plasterer is here for you.

Plastering helps to increase the total value of your home. Plastering removes the drab and dull looks thus giving your house better architecture. Since plastering involves different types of services, it is always good to check out a contractor’s portfolio so that you can know what they offer. Professional plastering forms the bridge between an excellent makeover and a disappointing venture.


Plastering Charges

Owing to the clamour for profit by many businesses, different professionals have started to charge exorbitant fees for these services. But before you break the bank, you need to be sure that you are paying for the right and the best service. Some of the best plastering projects include coving, rendering, pebble dashing and damp course installation. Therefore you need to hire the best plastering professional.


Plastering Services Australia

The best Sydney plasterer offers a great plethora of services. Just leave to us your interior design job and we’ll do for you great things. We always complete all the work professionally.


These are the plastering services Australia we offer:


Suspended Ceilings

Such ceilings help to hide pipes and electrical cables which can be a menace and a danger sometimes. When a suspended tile ceiling or gyprock ceiling from JGP is installed, your house not only looks attractive but also remains safe.


Strata and Insurance

John Glen Plastering works with Architect, and Building Companies for insurance work that take on completing an interior design job. Hence you need not worry because the whole process is legally and financially covered.



The best Sydney plaster well knows how to gyprock various residential properties; from small houses to complex mansions. We fix any storm damage caused to the ceiling and walls.


Vermiculite Ceilings

The vermiculite is visited by aging it paints your home with a bad picture. But we can replace the ceiling along with any finishing touch of your choice.


Fibrous Plaster Cornice

We can plaster your house or a single room with cornice to create a great value difference.


Maintenance and Repairs

You can contract us to do maintenance and repairs of your buildings at once or from time to time. We shall maintain the interior design, plaster and carry out many other gyprock repairs to your satisfaction.


Commercial and Office Fit-outs

After completing the skeleton structure of a building, you need to work on it to come up with a perfect office interior fit-out that adds value to your business image.

We also do other smaller to medium size plastering jobs, remove trade waste after we have finished, to suit your requirements.

Factors to Consider for Home Renovation


Have you ever planned on using a Gyprock Plasterer for your home renovation? Renovations like extensions can be helpful to improve the quality of your house and increase its value. If you are planning on being an owner-builder, then there are few things you need to do before starting on the actual renovation. This includes organizing the finance, the plan, materials and then the hiring of your trades people including the best Sydney plasterer in Australia. These factors are very crucial for the success of the project.

Ensuring your Budget

Budgeting for the home renovation involves serious planning, and the first thing is arranging finance. It can be very important to prepare for adequate finance for the renovation a few months ahead.  For instance, getting the bank loan organized ahead of time, to be on call to pay as you go. Homeowners should also remember to set a contingency budget up in case of emergency expenses. One Gyprock Plasterer said he sees people go for cheap handymen or undercutting trades people thinking they will save money, only to have to get the job re-done by an experienced and honest Sydney plasterer.  Delays by dodgy tradies can hold up the entire job and the whole project does not run to time or budget.

Availability of the Materials

Plasterboard or Gyprock are highly recommended materials used by a Gyprock Plasterer . Gyprock is lightweight and fireproof material that can also be used for transportable/demountable homes and does not cost much. However, before you commence your renovation, make sure that the materials you require are readily available. It is best to research the materials required according to the plan. Visit hardware stores in your area to compare prices. It would be a great idea to pre-order the materials or alternatively get the best Sydney plasterer to quote for material, as he can often supply the material at a very competitive price.

Hiring the Best Sydney Gyprock Plasterer

It is very important to avoid wasting material, time, money and effort by employing qualified, expert plasterers.  Best Sydney Plasterers have very competitive prices and their work is worth its weight in gold as they do a fine job the first time up! Finding that expert best Sydney plasterer can be a challenge. You can just flip through the yellow pages or have an online-directory search for available contractors in your area. When you do your research, look for testimonials online and check out their experiences and reliability. Ask the Gyprock Plasterer about their previous projects. This will be a good way to measure the experience of the contractor and to know the quality of work they can offer for your project. It is crucial to hire the best Sydney plasterer or an expert Gyprock Plasterer for your home renovation to be a success.