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Best Tips from a Sydney Plastering Company

Plastering may look like an easy job, but the truth is that it’s a specialised one. The one way to ensure that the final product is excellent in every possible way is to opt for the services of a company like John Glen Plastering that will provide you excellent services. Here are some tips from experts who have seen it all:

  • Experience– Look for a licensed plasterer who has been operating in this space for a number of years. To a certain degree this assures you that you have a skilled person handling the job
  • Reputation– This is an important factor and you should be checking the reviews of the company that you are planning on hiring. If there is anything negative about a certain company, it won’t be difficult to find it on the Internet
  • License– The contractor you hire for the job, should have a license that has been issued under the 1989 Home Building Act. Before you hire the person, ask him to show you his contractor’s license
  • Workmanship Guarantee– This is very important too. Only a vetted and credible contractor will guarantee his work and will ensure that his work is completed as per the contractor license.
  • Don’t hire a handyman for this job– It’s not uncommon for us to receive requests from customers who need some plastering work “fixed”. This typically happens because they had originally got the work done from a handyman; these professionals are good at certain tasks, but they don’t have the knowhow, skill and expertise to handle plastering jobs in an expert manner.

In most instances, they leave behind a shoddy mess that then has to be fixed by plastering professionals like us. Though we would be more than happy to do the job, you eventually end up spending far more than you should have in the first place. Make the right choice at the outset and hire skilled and trained professionals for the job.

  • Cost- Check what his pricing is, and compare it with the quotes that some other plasterers give you. Keep in mind that the one who provides the lowest rates may not necessarily be the best one. A contractor who provides you with the lowest quote, may also end up cutting corners in the job.
  • Accept the quote after perusing it well- Once you have approved the quote and you know that the contractor has understood exactly what work has to be done and that he is able to meet all your requirements, tell him to give you a time frame for completion of the job. Book him for the job well in advance, once you have made up your mind.

We have over 38 years of operating in the construction and building industry and can provide you with outstanding plastering services. For more information, call John Glen Plastering at 0418 168 955. You can also use this online form  to send us your queries, & we will contact you within the shortest possible time. Call us with your requirement today.

How Much Should a Plasterer Charge and Why (Part 2)

Plasterer Working On Interior Wall

The Saying Goes – Each Man to His Own Trade.

It looks like an easy job. Perhaps one that anyone could build by going into the Hardware shop and purchase a few sheets.  But what is the next step?


Look for an experienced licensed Plasterer who will give you a competitive price and guarantees his work for a clean finished job that will not rot and fall down in a hurry.


Does the Contractor have a License, Issued Under Home Building Act 1989.

Ask to view a Contractors License. You need assurance that the Tradie is qualified and currently covered by Licensing laws. No one in business can afford to work for peanuts!  Quotes from a Plasterer should be looked at with respect to know that when you accept this quote the workmanship will be guaranteed and be compliant according to the Contractor License, Issued Under Home Building Act 1989.


Still Questioning Could a Handyman do the Job?

The Handyman will not have specific tools in his possession to do a professional Plasterers work.. Often a skilled Plasterer is called out to redo jobs that have been done by the “cheapest” quote.  Possibly from a Handyman or other workman who leaves an unguaranteed, shoddy mess for the aghast owner to fix up, often costing the owner twice as much than if he had paid a professional to do the work in the first place. Remember that each tool of trade can be quite expensive and necessary to get a professional finish so a Handyman may not be the best person you select to quote a job.


Is the Lowest Price Too Risky or Best for My Job?

When too much pressure is placed on a Tradesperson to lower prices, it is worrying. What area of the job would are they to leave out for you to get a cheaper quote? Can you realistically afford to get your work done cheaply and take the risk of having it redone in short while because it was the lowest price?


Accepting a Fair Quote after Due Diligence.

If you are happy with the price and you know the job has been understood and the quote will fulfill all your requirements, then it is time for you to award the opportunity of completing your plastering work to the best Plasterer. Get in touch with the Plasterer by text or phone call or email and book your job in as they are busy people.


It is imperative for the survival of our well qualified Australian Tradesperson to be given first consideration for their skills and labour in order to get your job done with integrity and honesty, which is most important.


How to Find the Best Plastering Contractor Australia

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It is one thing to enjoy a good plastering service and another to find the best plastering contractor in Australia. When you find the best plastering contractor, you get the save a lot of time and money that can be used to do other important things. But what should you look for in the best plastering contractor? Listed below are some factors to help you find the best plastering contractor in Australia:

  • Property Assessment- the best contractor should be able to assess your property and determine the project scale before recommending the best plastering materials, time and cost needed to cover the whole project.
  • Full Equipment- the best plastering contractor Australia should be fully equipped with the latest technological tools and necessary items required to complete the job in good time.
  • Competent Project Management- the contractor should have the ability to manage the whole plastering project without any hitches or delay. To this regard, the contractor needs to come in the umbrella of a highly trained and qualified labour force who can work with little or no supervision from the start to the finish of the project with industry standards in mind.
  • Use of Subcontractors– the plastering contractor should also be able to hire out any professional subcontractors without delay as and when need arises in due course of the project. This may include plumbers and electricians among others to remove damaged portions of electrical linings and broken pipes.
  • Fast and Reliable Service- the best plastering contractor Australia should be able to offer a fast and convincingly reliable service that causes little or no interruption and fuss to the daily operations of your office or quiet enjoyment of your family. If this is an office suite, the plastering should meet the business and industry standards at large. For residential houses, the plaster should also meet the standards set for residential houses in that area.
  • Knowledge of Different Building Techniques- different housing structures are built with different techniques. The best contractor should therefore have prior knowledge of different building techniques including rendering, skimming, masonry and the precious application of gypsum. In case they don’t have the knowledge of such building techniques then they should be able to subcontract such services from reliable experts in good time.
  • Wide Range of Plastering Services– the best plastering contractor Australia ought to offer a wide range of plastering services so that your structure can have the best finish and mix which is long lasting. The contractor should plaster the floors, across walls, garages, ceilings, lofts, cellars, basements, extensions and any other areas that need plastering. Such a contractor also needs to have a wide supply of plastering materials to meet your requirements.
  • Maintenance and Repair Work- no product in the universe is free from repair and maintenance from time to time. Therefore, the contractor also needs to offer such services because he/she is best suited to know what your plaster needs especially if he/she is the one who installs it. It is an added advantage if the contractor offers maintenance and repair services free of charge for a few years after installation.

Contact John Glen Plastering for the best plastering contractor services Australia!

Best Sydney Gyprock Plastering Services

Best Sydney Plastering ServiceHaving a hard time keeping your home looking good? Perhaps you’ve got ugly holes in your walls, a cornice falling down, or a ceiling that’s sagging? Yes, there can be several factors in maintaining your place to have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. It can get very tricky if you do not know where to start and what needs to be done to get your home renovation underway.

Houses need maintenance and reparations from time to time. If the time has come to perform repairs on your place, you can start by choosing the best plastering services. To achieve that fabulous new look for your house, you must understand that you should rely on experienced, expert gyprockers and contractors for that plastering job.

Choosing the right gyprock plasterers for your property

A gyprock plasterer uses gyprock to cover the walls and ceilings in most cases. When it comes to building and repairing walls, you need to hire a person who is both skilful and knowledgeable. Opt for the best Sydney plasterer whose plastering services can do a skilful job on your ornate cornices – make sure that you hire a trusted company that offers a quality service and guaranteed workmanship.

Plastering companies offer various methods of vital plastering, such as skimming, internal and external plastering. To ensure a fair deal, search for services from a company with a rich portfolio of advanced plastering experience and a proven track record in excellent finishes and quality assurance.

How do I choose the best gyprock contractors and installers available?

Finding a reliable company for good and reliable cornice, gyprock or vermiculite plastering services can be quite difficult; however, there are certain ways to locate the best services for plastering for your place. You may seek professional advice from your architect with a plan for your new work or for your renovations; the architect may recommend a good plasterer that he frequently uses. For more common repairs, seek advice and get a quote from an expert gyprock plasterer. Sometimes people you know well could give you their opinion or recommend a reliable plasterer. The key is to ensure that the information you gathered is reliable for you to find an experienced provider for these services.

When you do your research to contact different plastering companies, do this after you have your detailed plans drawn up for ‘new’ work, or if it is for a repair job, ask for a quote inclusive of materials. This includes by-rocking and setting. Then you can analyse the services that best-suit your budget and needs.

When searching online for a gyprock plasterer, ensure you choose one for his reliable and excellent services. Make a list of top companies you want to contact, and take the time to screen your options carefully to know the best. Prices may differ slightly – cheap does not necessarily mean quality work, and in the long-run, could work out more expensive; particularly if you have to get another plastering services person to complete or redo the job. This of course has a run-on effect, potentially holding up your other trades people like the painter. Allow the tradesperson of your choice to do their work efficiently and not rush things. You can check for services that are best for your house and within your budget so that you can eventually enjoy the comforts of a functional home of your choice. For more information on our gyprock plastering services, call John Glen on 0418 168 955.