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How to Plaster Your Walls in 4 Simple Stages


When a plastered wall has left an ugly hole in your lounge room because your picture has fallen off, you can easily get it fixed by a using the services of a qualified, Certified Tradesmen – Electrician and Plasterer/Gyprocker, especially if there is live electrical wiring exposed. If there is no danger and it is a matter of a simple gaping hole, then you can learn to Do It Yourself (DIY) and you should use a Residential Installation Guide as reference.




If your walls often crack, dent or get knocked, learning how to repair the plaster is an easy DIY process and here’s how:


Stage I:

Plastering material requirements:

  • Plasterer Trowel
  • Plaster filler
  • Paintbrush
  • Sandpaper (use the fine one)
  • A small chisel
  • Hammer
  • Piece of Timber
  • Gyprock
  • Screws
  • Screw Driver


Stage 2:

Preparation of the damage
Knock away any loose bits of plaster in the hole with the hammer and chisel.

Then sweep off the debris and dust the hole with the paintbrush.
Get some timber, screw the timber to the inside of wall, on both sides of the hole cut your new piece of Gyprock to fit the hole and screw the Gyprock to the new timber.


Stage 3:

Plaster the damaged hole
Use the trowel to spread the filler over the Gyprock evenly over the surface with the edge of a trowel to create a gripping surface. Leave it to completely dry, the manufacturers instruction on your filler packet will give you an indication of how long this will take. Only then should you apply the second filler layer and smooth it over so it’s flush with the wall.


Stage 4:

Smoothen out the surface
You should wait for the plaster to harden and dried then smooth over the plaster with fine sandpaper so it is flush with the wall.


If your work is not done properly it can cause problems later, so if you decide to hire a Contractor to do this work ensure they are licensed and fully insured.

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The Reliable Gyprock Plasterer Australia

86607 imgAre you having a hard time trying to make your home look good? Have been disappointed before? Are you just moving to a new home and wonder what to do about the plaster? Have you suffered cracks and shock because of a drywall? Well, don’t worry anymore because the reliable gyprock plasterer Australia will sort out all your problems. He will take care of any ugly holes, falling cornice and a falling ceiling. This plasterer has been in this industry for more than 38 years, hence is coupled with the experience and knowledge required to give you the best plastering solution for your home or office.

Many of our clients complain about the cracks registered in the old drywall plastering. Well, this method was invented in the 1950s but has been overtaken by other methods that address its disadvantages. These include the gyprock plaster which is the best available solution currently. It is also referred to as to sheetrock, plasterboard, gypsum board or wallboard.

A Variety of Plastering Services

The reliable gyprock plasterer should be able to offer a great portfolio of plastering services to his/her clients. Different houses and structures with different techniques which the plasterer needs to understand in order for them to integrate the plaster properly. He should have a perfect knowledge of vital plastering techniques such as internal, external, skimming and floating plasters among others. Therefore, the best plasterer Australia needs to offer a variety of services that go hand in hand with the building type. These include suspended ceilings, strata and insurance, residential gyprocking, vermiculite ceilings, fibrous plaster cornices, performing regular maintenance and repairs, commercial and office fit-outs as well as any small to medium size jobs with regard to the requirements of clients.

Accreditation and Licensing

Every industry has some predetermined standards that need to be met with regard to provision of products and or services. Plastering has not been left out of regulation because it is very essential. The reliable plasterer Australia should be licensed and fully accredited by the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries Australia and New Zealand. This organization trains its members, issues a code of practice and checks out for the latest updates related to plastering legislation. It is the voice of clients and service providers. In case of improper services then you can blow a whistle by contacting this body.

Professionalism and Experience

Unlike simple works of art like refining or weaving a fabric, gyprock plastering is not a matter of trial and error but an activity that needs the highest degree of skill. The reliable gyprock plasterer Australia therefore needs to exhibit a lot of professionalism coupled with several years of experience in practice. In case there are other services such as electrical lining or plumbing that need to be done and the plasterer doesn’t have such knowledge, he should be able to professionally subcontract such services from licensed experts thus delivering a high quality job.

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