When a plastered wall has left an ugly hole in your lounge room because your picture has fallen off, you can easily get it fixed by a using the services of a qualified, Certified Tradesmen – Electrician and Plasterer/Gyprocker, especially if there is live electrical wiring exposed. If there is no danger and it is a matter of a simple gaping hole, then you can learn to Do It Yourself (DIY) and you should use a Residential Installation Guide as reference.

If your walls often crack, dent or get knocked, learning how to repair the plaster is an easy DIY process and here’s how:

Stage I:
Plastering material requirements:
Plasterer Trowel
Plaster filler
Sandpaper (use the fine one)
A small chisel
Piece of Timber
Screw Driver

Stage 2:
Preparation of the damage
Knock away any loose bits of plaster in the hole with the hammer and chisel.
Then sweep off the debris and dust the hole with the paintbrush.
Get some timber, screw the timber to the inside of wall, on both sides of the hole cut your new piece of Gyprock to fit the hole and screw the Gyprock to the new timber.

Stage 3:
Plaster the damaged hole
Use the trowel to spread the filler over the Gyprock evenly over the surface with the edge of a trowel to create a gripping surface. Leave it to completely dry, the manufacturers instruction on your filler packet will give you an indication of how long this will take. Only then should you apply the second filler layer and smooth it over so it’s flush with the wall.

Stage 4:
Smoothen out the surface
You should wait for the plaster to harden and dried then smooth over the plaster with fine sandpaper so it is flush with the wall.

If your work is not done properly it can cause problems later, so if you decide to hire a Contractor to do this work ensure they are licensed and fully insured.
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As a Plasterer I have seen many ceilings where the owners of the building need to employ a Gyprock Plasterer – because it is my trade and I notice gyprock in particular, it is akin to a Painter knowing when a house needs a painting job.

Some Gyprock ceilings have been sagged so much that it boarders on dangerous, this is when you call a Gyprock Plasterer.


I have been asked to quote on some gyprock ceilings especially bathroom ceilings, that do not have adequate airing, and the mould due to moisture from steam on the ceiling has made the ceiling damp hence there is a constant chill in the air, this is when you call a gyprock plasterer.


What Problems Constitute calling a Gyprock Plasterer?

If a room requires a new cornice, sometimes there is no need for the old cornice to come down, by picking the right cornice, the new one may go over the old.  This is a decision an experienced Plasterer can make. He will use his skilled craftsmanship to repair the cornice to look new.


After a heavy storm, there is often water damage, this may be an Insurance job or not.  If water has gotten into your ceiling and wall, you have to check that the water has not spread and damaged the gyprock in another area, other than the immediate area.  This is when it is advisable to call out a licensed Gyprock Plasterer.


There also maybe electrical wiring involved, you could be advised by the Gyprocker to get an inspection done by a qualified Electrician to make sure the water has not touched wiring as this can be very dangerous.


Cornice has a way of falling off if it is not put on properly in the first place.  Fibrous Plaster cornice is heavy and ideal to fix it to the timber in the ceiling if possible.


Lets get organised first before you panic and call out qualified trades people when you are not ready for them to commence the work.


5 Tips on getting organized prior to getting the Plastering job done


  1. 1. Is it a practical time for you to ask for a quote on a job?
  2. 2. Have you organized the safety and daily needs of your household?
  3. 3. Have you made alternate arrangements for your family?
  4. 4. Have you budgeted for the repairs, and your finances in place so that the Tradies can be paid on completion of the job?
  5. 5. Have you organized the pets and are the Trades people safe?


Time to call a Plasterer and request a quote, do your due diligence, ask to see his License to make sure he is qualified and compliant to complete your plastering job. then award your job to whom you deem would be the best  Sydney Plasterer.